Monday, April 20, 2015


This collection was girly and playful with a hint of the 70's. There was a play with colours and textures and amazing sunnies!


This collection was a breath of fresh air.  It was very well structured and edited.  It wasn't showy but it stood out.  Loved the colour palette and those metallic shoes. 

This collection started off with structured monochrome pieces with lovely hints of colour on the inside and then the collection flowed into colour and movement.  By the end it was all about the flowy and the transparent.

The place was packed for their show and we felt we're in for something different even before the first model walked out.  There were ruff collars, asymmetry and an elaborate choreography. It stood out from the rest.


I was running late on the third day and running low on outfit inspiration.  I started with this scaled, siren skirt and paired it with a simple black shirt and black brogues.  The clutch by the Mexican designer Lola Basso made all the difference.

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