Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This brand prides itself on its Mexican heritage, so it's a sure bet there will be lots of colours, embroidery and prints in their collection.  This time I found it to be so much more wearable and modern.  The bomber jackets ruled their collection!


Benito's collection was equine inspired, there were even hurdles on the runway, but the pieces were glam and elaborate.  Lots of gowns, dark colours and lots of rich wintery textures.  Fun show to watch!

So far my favourite collection.  It was wearable and concise.  It was all about those taffeta skirts and I loved it!

Earlier before the shows started there was a brunch organised to promote the Gala x Tous jewellery collection designed by the Spanish blogger Gala Gonzalez. I opted for a a simple black dress, blazer and boots to stay comfortable during a whole day of fashion events. Stay tuned for the photos!


  1. Love the long bordeaux color skirt, in velvet: so original :)
    Bisous de France

  2. Great post! Loving the pictures of the runway!
    Mademoiselle Coconath