Monday, October 6, 2014


The first day at the tent!  I was surprised how well organised and executed everything was.  Congrats Mexico Fashion Week, you threw one great event!  

This show was the first one I saw.  It was infused with Mexican prints in almost every piece.  It was more of a grown-up fashion but with some pieces that can definately be translated into modern everyday wear. 

This show was girly and I loved it.  There were skirts, dresses, great prints and colours.

There weren't too many pieces that stood out for me in this collection but I liked this combination of a crop top and what seems like a body underneath and great black and white pants.

Great textures at this show.  Jute, lace and cotton galore!

Since this was my first time at Mexico Fashion Week I had no idea what to expect when planing my first day's outfit.  I didn't know whether I'm gonna be standing all day long so I opted out for a comfy look with sneakers and a simple black combination with a little pop of green. 

I'm really happy to be bringing the looks from Mexico Fashion week to my readers that maybe haven't had the opportunity to ever see it before.  I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Really awesome event! Your outfit is amazing *_*


    1. Thanks Francesca! It was great fun.