Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fashion Week Essentials

Today is the start of Mexico Fashion Week and I can't be more excited!  Last night I was thinking about all the tools I will need for this week and came up with this.  The days are long, going from one show to another and a girl must have her essentials.  So here we go:

-Camera-hopefully I will be snapping all the action on and off the runway.
-Red lipstick-all day wear and refreshes even the tiredest of faces
-Concealer and foundation-this L'Oreal foundation comes with its concelear, great two in one tool for those between shows touch-ups
-Dry shampoo-pulling an all day event can make even the fullest of hair flat, so dry shampoo is essential to perk up and volumize
-Glasses-will be needing these to get all the close ups
-Running shoes-I will be wearing my share of heels but I'm pretty sure I will be resorting to these quite often too

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